Are you tired of the run around from potential tenants? Are you confused about where to start with tenant screening? Credit reports will only give you a snapshot of the potential renter who wants to reside in your investment property. Think about when you last received a mortgage loan, did the lender only look at your credit score? North Bay Capital is a fully licensed Real Estate Broker, located in beautiful Sonoma County with offices in downtown Santa Rosa.  Jesse Gonzalez, President of North Bay Capital, personally performs all tenant screening and is a certified Property Manager by the California Bureau of Real Estate.

You have all the skills to manage your rental property yourself, but maybe the tenant screening process isn’t your specialty. You don’t need the full services of a management company only the tenant screening side.

We can help!

We fully screen the tenants background ranging from eviction and criminal history to verifying assets with their banking institution and employment income and history straight from the employer using forms that are ironclad. I treat the screening process as if they were applying to rent a property of our own. Remember, proper screening only starts with the credit report, it doesn’t end there.  Contact us Today to find your next tenant.