7 day cooling off period for reverse mortgages

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  • California Civil Code Section 1923.2 has been amended to require a cooling off period of seven (7) calendar days from the date of counseling as evidenced by the date on HECM Certificate of Counseling.  In order to comply with the mandated cooling off period, lenders and originators will not be permitted to  order services (credit, title, appraisal, etc.) or assess fees to the borrower until the eighth day after the date of the counseling.  An application can be taken prior to the 8th day as long as no services are ordered. As an example, the following chart illustrates the first day that services can be ordered during the first week in January 2015 and going forward:
Day Date of Counseling Day Date of Counseling
Thursday January 1, 2015 Friday January 9, 2015
Friday January 2, 2015 Saturday January 10, 2015
Saturday January 3, 2015 Sunday January 11, 2015
Sunday January 4, 2015 Monday January 12, 2015
Monday January 5, 2015 Tuesday January 13, 2015
Tuesday January 6, 2015 Wednesday January 14, 2015
Wednesday January 7, 2015 Thursday January 15, 2015

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