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Using a cosigner to buy a home is a topic that doesn’t get enough play in my opinion.  My cousin read a recent article I wrote about how student loan debt affects qualifying for a mortgage and he made a comment that triggered a thought in my mind.  Calculating student loan debt payments is only […]


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Student loan debt and mortgages, how does one affect the other?  According to USA Today the national student loan debt was $1.2 Trillion in April of 2015.  How does that make you feel?  Let’s face it, our parents are great, but we don’t want to live with them forever.  There’s something about striking out on your […]


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If you signed up for my mortgage rate update service you would have known right off the bat that it was time to lock your interest rate this morning.  That’s assuming that we didn’t already lock the rate last week.  There’s been too many outside factors influencing our mortgage rate market lately, namely Greece.  Now how […]

Best Mortgage Rate News

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Get all the news you need to make the best decision with your mortgage.   Link to story regarding IMF rejection of Greek proposal found HERE.


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Did you know that FHA is now requiring borrower’s to qualify for HECM reverse mortgages?  Take a look for yourself, they’re really digging into your personal finances with the reverse mortgage product.  Here are a few things to take away from this new income worksheet. 1.  They’re not only looking at your ability to pay […]

Clients are asking where mortgage rates are headed

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Well, that’s the million dollar question  isn’t it?  The mortgage bond market worsened by over 160 basis points, that’s a huge loss and it will take a lot to recover.  What we typically see when rates shoot up like they did is the market calming down over the next week and mortgage rates will correct […]